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Board: Templin Institute

Chandelier | Ace Combat

The railgun cannon known as Chandelier was originally built to counter the threat of the asteroid known as Ulysses. However, in the aftermath of the liberation of Emmeria, Estovakia would use it in a last ditch attempt to prevent their imminent defeat.

The Arsenal Birds | Ace Combat

The unmanned aerial warships known as the Arsenal Birds were created to protect the Lighthouse. However, when the Lighthouse War erupted, Erusea seized control of the Lighthouse and turned the Arsenal Birds against the Osean forces.

ADF-11F Raven | Ace Combat

An advanced fighter aircraft developed by Grunder Industries, which gained infamy when two unmanned Ravens emerged at the climax of the Lighthouse War and threatened to plunge Usea into a never ending robot war

The Space Wolves | Warhammer 40000

One of the few Space Marine chapters that refuse to follow the dictates of the Codex Astartes, preferring to use unorthodox tactics that are surprisingly effective

The Raven Guard | Warhammer 40000

Like the bird that served as the herald of fate and the messenger of death, the space marine chapter known as the Raven Guard swoops down onto the enemy from above, unleashing their fury with devastating hit-and-run strikes.

Mihaly A. Shilage | Ace Combat

Erusean veteran ace pilot who was known as Mister X by Osean forces during the Lighthouse War and as the King of the Skies by friend and foe alike