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Zechs Merquise | Gundam Wing

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Called the Lightning Count for his amazing skills in combat, Zechs Merquise was one of OZ’s most decorated officers, identified by his distinctive mask. It was Zechs who learned of the existence of the Gundams when he engaged the Wing Gundam and its pilot Heero Yuy. Zechs became the arch-rival to Heero, clashing numerous times as the Gundams carried out Operation Meteor.

As OZ launched Operation Daybreak and began its global coup against the United Earth Sphere Alliance, Zechs traveled to the Sanc Kingdom, which had been conquered and occupied by the Alliance. While OZ forces wiped out the Alliance troops, Zechs confronted and executed the UESA occupation commander who led the invasion, but not before revealing to the shocked commander his real identity: Milliardo Peacecraft, the long lost son of its long dead king.