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ZAFT // Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty Forces | Gundam SEED

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In Cosmic Era 15, scientist George Glenn revealed himself to be a genetically engineered human and disclosed the entire process to create what would be known as Coordinators to the public. In the decades that followed, rising anti-Coordinator racism committed by Naturals, as normal humans became known, would lead to a massive exodus to orbiting space colonies known as PLANTs.

An organization known as the Zodiac Alliance was created in Cosmic Era 50 to work for the rights of Coordinators and independence for the PLANT colonies, but as the nations controlling the colonies resorted to violent crackdowns, the Zodiac Alliance was soon reorganized into a military force known as the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty Forces. ZAFT soon began manufacturing giant robots known as mobile suits as war between the Earth and the PLANTs became imminent.