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WD-M01 Turn A Gundam | Turn A Gundam

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On the outskirts of Vicinity Town in Inglessa, there existed a giant statue known as the White Doll. For untold generations, teenagers would hold a coming of age ceremony at the White Doll where they danced and offered prayers to the heavens.

Everything changed one night when Inglessa was attacked by an advanced civilization from the moon. In the chaos that followed, a young boy named Loran Cehack discovered a shocking secret about the White Doll – hidden inside the statue was an ancient and fully operational giant robot, far advanced beyond any known human technology.

The mysterious giant robot turned out to be the only thing that could repel the invaders from the moon. Loran would use the White Doll, as the machine became known to the Inglessa militia, over the course of what would become known as the Moonrace Conflict.

However, there were those in the Moonrace that recognized the White Doll and became terrified not only because of its power but also because of what they knew about the giant robot. This giant robot actually went by another name: the Turn A Gundam.

And as Loran and the Earth would soon discover, the ancient weapon known as the Turn A was linked to a horrifying secret known only as the Black History…