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Walmington-on-Sea Platoon | Dad’s Army (TV show and 1971 film)

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In WW2, while Britain’s army was fighting the Nazi horde, the country itself was left almost unguarded, facing the threat of paratroopers and even a full scale invasion, operation Sea Lion.

On the 14th of May 1940 Prime Minister Eden made a public broadcast, announcing the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers, later renamed the Home Guard. An armed militia made up of civilian volunteers, those who were otherwise ineligible for military service. Their purpose was to capture enemy paratroopers and, if the invasion came, hold off the Nazi advance and protect vital areas of supplies and communications.

(The above is all fact, what follows is fiction)

After the fall of France, the coastal town of Walmington-on-Sea found itself on the frontline of a potential invasion.
George Mainwaring, a local bank manager, heard Eden’s broadcast and before the day was out he formed and recruited an entire platoon from local bankers, shopkeepers, farmers and retirees.

With little supplies, armaments, training or even competence, the Walmington-on-Sea Platoon guarded the entire stretch of the English coast from Stone’s Arcade to the novelty rock emporium.

Though the invasion never came, the platoon was willing to defend Britain to the death. (as shown in the episode the Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage) And a few times they did come face to face with the enemy (S1 E4, S6 E1, S8 E4)

But their most note worthy escapade came when a group of Nazi airmen, photographing the coastline to gain vital intel for Operation Sea Lion, bailed out over Walmington-on-Sea. They took many townspeople hostage in the local church demanding safe passage to Nazi occupied France.

While the regular army camped outside trying to figure out a solution, Mainwaring and his platoon, disguised as a choir, walked inside, surrounded and disarmed the Nazis.

If you do use this, please use the episodes and the 1971 film which starred the original cast.
A film was made in 2016, I saw it and it was rubbish.