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Usean Continental War | Ace Combat

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In 1999, the asteroid known as Ulysses struck the planet. Over half a million lives were lost in the first two weeks and millions more were displaced from their homes.

In the aftermath of the Ulysses disaster, the nations of Usea struggled to deal with the growing humanitarian crisis. Tensions began to rise as Erusea summarily refused to take in any more refugees, causing the rest of Usea to boycott the country in protest.

In the summer of 2003, Erusea suddenly invaded San Salvacion and, by the end of July, San Salvacion and the nearby anti-asteroid railgun complex known as Stonehenge were under Erusean control. In the face of Erusea’s aggression, nations across Usea banded together to form the Independent States Allied Forces.

In what would be known as the Usean Continental War, ISAF would struggle to push back Erusea as the nation deployed Stonehenge against Usea.