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Trowa Barton | Gundam Wing

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The son of Dekim Barton and heir to the Barton Foundation, Trowa Barton was selected to participate in his father’s Operation Meteor as the pilot for Gundam Heavyarms. However, the day Operation Meteor was to be carried out, four of the scientists who helped build the Gundams refused to go along with the plan, which involved colony drops against the Earth, resulting in massive loss of life. They had long suspected that what Dekim really wanted was not colony independence but absolute domination of the Earth Sphere.

When Trowa learned the man known as Doctor S had no intention of carrying out the plan as Dekim intended, Trowa decided to inform his father of what was happening. And then Trowa got shot and killed.

As you can imagine, this became a big problem. It just so happened that a young boy who was working as part of the crew saw the unfortunate incident. He didn’t have a name, so Doctor S decided to give the nameless boy one — Trowa Barton.

And so, the boy who took Trowa’s name took the Heavyarms and traveled to Earth…