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Toontown | Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?

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Located in the Los Angeles area, Toontown is populated by toons, sentient beings made of ink and paint and not bound by the same limitations of traditional life forms or even the same physical laws. It was long believed that nothing could hurt a toon. Toontown itself, it’s buildings and even the land behaves along these lines. And once inside it’s boarders, it seems that anything follows these new laws of physics.

The town was owned my Marvin Acme, along with the Acme Corporation. A manufacturer and supplier of many cartoon props.

Toontown was primarily housing for toons as they were typically employed by film and cartoon studios, such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros and Maroon Cartoons. But Toontown also had it’s own businesses, banks and farms.

As such they are beloved world wide. But there was a great deal of social injustice.

Some considered toons to be a resource to be used. Others looked down on them for seemingly being unable to take anything seriously and compulsively taking every opportunity to be funny.

For example, Toontown had it’s own fire department with toon trucks but all-human firemen. Toons were not allowed to join as they were considered inherently unsuitable for the job.

This attitude by the public may have cleared the way for some extremist policies by one Judge Doom. After buying the election, Toontown fell under Doom’s jurisdiction and he ran it more like he was dictator. Doom created The Toon Patrol, a police force not to serve and protect toons but to keep them in line. Doom also created Dip, a cocktail of paint thinners that were deadly to toons. If a toon was even suspected of committing a serious crime, Doom had the authority to use Dip to execute a toon on site without trail.

These actions were justified by Doom as necessary to reign in the insanity of Toontown.

Despite it’s utterly unique properties, there are those who see Towntown as a plot of land in a prime location, perhaps one to kill for.