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The United Republic of Nations | The Legend of Korra

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Earth, Fire, Air, Water.
After the end of the 100 year war, the Harmony Restoration movement to restore the Fire Nations colonies back to the Earth Kingdom had failed due to political and cultural instability. Avatar Aang, Firelord Zuko and Earth King Kuei came to the agreement to restore the Fire Nation colonies of Yu Dao into a 5th neutral nation known as The United Republic of Nations.
A place where benders and non-benders from all 4 nations can live together in peace and harmony.
Home to cultural centres, technological industries, criminal gangs, a metal bending police force, a pro bending arena, an Air Temple, and the United Republics Council. The capital of this great land would be known as Republic City.
A statue of Avatar Aang lies in the bay area on a memorial island, showing the world that the Avatar will be there to guide the people. In more than one life time!