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The Titans Unit | Zeta Gundam

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In the aftermath of the Stardust Catastrophe, the Earth Federation created a counter-insurgency task force called the Titans to battle Zeon remnants throughout the Earth Sphere. Under the leadership of its founder, Admiral Jamitov Hymen, the Titans operated as a unit that acted outside the limit of Federation oversight, answering to no one but themselves.

As time went on, the Titans Unit would employ brutal measures against both Zeon remnants and civilian populations they deemed dissidents, with zero regard for any ethical or moral codes and no mercy for those who opposed them. Time after time, the Titans would bring up the atrocities committed by Zeon during the First Zeon War in order to justify their horrific actions.

Their atrocities would culminate in the 30 Bunch massacre in UC 0085, in which the Titans used poison gas to wipe out the entire population of Colony 30 in Side 1 in response to escalating anti-Federation protests in the colony. Outrage erupted over news of the horrific tragedy, especially after the Federation refused to punish the Titans over this, with at least one Federation official’s response summarized in a single phrase: We sincerely regret you all felt that way.

In the face of atrocities committed by the Titans in the name of the Federation’s security, citizens across the Earth Sphere began taking up arms for an imminent armed conflict against the Titans…