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The Superman Regime | Injustice: Gods Among Us

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All it takes is the ultimate worst day ever to drive a sane man to lunacy.

In a parallel universe, Superman’s ultimate worst day came when the Joker tricked the Man of Steel into killing Lois and her unborn child – – and destroyed Metropolis with a nuclear bomb linked to her heart beat. Consumed with rage and grief, Superman brutally killed the Joker right in front of Batman.

All it takes is a bad day, a critical moment, a single choice to separate what can be and what should never be. When Superman killed the Joker, something changed within him. He stopped being the world’s greatest hero and turned into something that make even the Joker afraid.

In the years that followed, Superman would become the leader of an authoritarian faction of hardliners within the hero community that would be known as the Regime, driven to stamp out those who would throw the world into chaos… Permanently.