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The Siege of Crait | Star Wars

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Starkiller Base had been destroyed, but victory did not save the New Republic. As the First Order began invading the galaxy, the Resistance was forced to abandon their headquarters on D’Qar and go on the run.

The First Order inflicted heavy losses on the Resistance as they pursued their enemies to a planet called Crait. Not even the sudden death of Supreme Leader Snoke and the massive damage inflicted upon the First Order’s mobile headquarters, the Supremacy, and its fleet by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo’s suicide charge could reverse the dire situation the Resistance now faced.

With the First Order, now under the command of the new Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, mobilizing its forces to wipe out what’s left of the Resistance, the surviving Resistance members prepared for a full scale siege, hoping to hold off the First Order until reinforcements arrived. They fought as long as they could, but it was ultimately a battle they could not win.

Then something happened that neither side expected. A figure no one had seen for years suddenly appeared out of nowhere. That figure turned out to be none other than the legendary Luke Skywalker. His return would reignite the spark of rebellion that would ultimately burn down the First Order.