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The Second Alliance-PLANT War // The Destiny Conflict | Gundam SEED Destiny

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Mar 10, CE 72 – Representatives of the Earth Alliance and ZAFT met at the ruins of Junius 7 and signed a peace treaty that formally ended the First Alliance-PLANT War. People hailed this moment as the return of peace in our time. However, the treaty failed to address the anti-Coordinator racism that sparked the conflict.

As a result of atrocities committed by ZAFT, Naturals had developed a growing fear and distrust of all Coordinators, believing that the genetic technology used to create Coordinators could only lead to genetic supremacists and madmen like Patrick Zala and Rau Le Creuset; as a result, Blue Cosmos was able to rebuild its ranks quickly. At the same time, many Coordinators in the the PLANTs did not trust the Earth Alliance; in their minds, Zala did nothing wrong and had every right to wipe out the Naturals and ZAFT only lost as a result of traitors and weak willed fools who chose appeasement. Both sides would starting building up their military forces in preparation for the next inevitable war…

Oct 2, CE 73 – A group of Earth Alliance commandos raided the ZAFT base known as Armory One and successfully stole recently developed ZAFT Gundams. ZAFT forces pursued them in an attempt to recover the Gundams…only to have their chase interrupted when Zala supporters hijacked the ruins of Junius 7 and directed them straight at the Earth. Despite its best efforts, ZAFT was unable to stop the colony from entering the atmosphere and breaking into fragments that ultimately caused massive devastation across the planet.

In the aftermath of the Junius 7 impacts, the Earth Alliance, blaming the PLANTs for the disaster, launched a massive attack against the PLANTs, sparking the Second Alliance-PLANT War, or as it would be later called, the Destiny Conflict.