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The Plutonian | Mark Waid’s Irredeemable and Incorruptible

4 years agoOpen For Voting

The Plutonian was the world’s greatest hero… Until one day he went crazy and became the world’s ultimate villain. In the days that followed, the fallen hero slaughtered any and all heroes that tried to stop him, destroyed major cities across the globe, and laid waste to entire nations.

The Plutonian’s surviving teammates within the superhero team known as the Paradigm began digging into the Plutonian’s past in the hopes of finding a way to beat him…but the more they dug, the more they came to a horrifying revelation. The Plutonian didn’t turn evil overnight. For years, the Plutonian had been suffering psychological problems and things reached a point where all it took to send him over the edge was one final incident. And when that final incident happened, a lifetime’s worth of rage and frustration against what he saw as an ungrateful world was unleashed…