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The League of Freedom | Supermansion

3 years agoOpen For Voting

Deep below the Earth’s surface there exists numerous civilizations, including Subtopia. Endowed with super strength and invulnerability, Subtopians are warlike imperialists, bent on conquering and enslaving any people they can find.

In the early 20th century, a Subtopian explorer, Rex of house Titanium, stumbled across the fabled Surface World. He was the first of his kind to make it through the shifting mantle.

He had taken an oath to report his findings so the Subtopians could begin the invasion. But horrified at what they would do to the humans, he broke it and let the Subtopians assume he had been killed in search of the surface.

Rex took the name Titanium Rex, became a world class superhero and founded the superhero team The League of Freedom, “keeping America free-er.”

Headquartered in Storm City, the League has protected the world for a century and saw many members come and go. But was always led by Titanium Rex, thanks to his Subtopian longevity.

For 50 years they were respected, despite 1 member becoming a supervillain and in the 90s when Rex tired to re-brand the League to keep it’s cultural relevance.

By 2015 the League was made up of less then stellar heroes. And was on the verge of being shut down after accidentally knocking over the Washington monument and accused of mis-spending government funds.

The League went on a roller coaster ride in public opinion after that. Saving the world from nuclear winter only to get the blame for endangering it, several disastrous PR endeavours, blamed for a global invasion which they fought off, discovering one of the original team was a serial killer, going MIA while saving the world only to come back finding they had been replaced.

For now it seems they have restored themselves as heroes. But… for how long?