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The Gryps Conflict | Zeta Gundam

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On July 31, UC 0085, anti-Federation protests erupted at Colony 30 in Side 1. When the protests escalated into violent riots, the Federation counter insurgency unit known as the Titans flooded the colony with poison gas, killing all ten million inhabitants. Outrage erupted when word spread of the massacre…and increased when the Federation refused to punish the Titans, with at least one official using the same response: We sincerely regret you all felt that way.

Outraged civilians and Federation soldiers banded together to form the Anti Earth Union Group to oppose the Titans. The AEUG began waging a guerrilla campaign against Titans forces, but it wasn’t until March 2, UC 0087 that things escalated into open war when an AEUG strike team stole prototype Gundams from the Titans.

From that point on, the Gryps Conflict, as the war between the Titans and AEUG became known, would spread throughout the Earth Sphere, even as remnants of Zeon emerged from the shadows to take advantage of the chaos that was tearing apart the Federation and rebuild their empire…