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The Frost Brothers//Shagia and Olba Frost | Gundam X

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When Shagia and Olba Frost first emerged, they first appeared to be twin brothers working as freelance mercenaries for hire. But as the Freeden crew kept having run ins with the Frost brothers, it became increasingly evident there was more to the twins than it appeared.

Shagia and Olba grew up in the old UNE Newtype Labs as potential candidates, and while they had developed twin empathy and telepathic abilities that allowed them to work effectively in combat, it was still not enough. Their abilities being incompatible with the Newtype Flash system, the Frost brothers were given the title Category F, for fake. The Frost brothers started to resent not only Newtypes but also the scientists who would not recognize their power.

For all their allegiance to the New UNE, the Frost brothers’ true loyalty was to each other. And as war was about to erupt between the New UNE and the SRA, the Frost brothers would take advantage of the war to wipe out any and all Newtypes in existence, just as the 7th Space War resulted in the deaths of countless Newtypes.