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The Final Order Fleet | Star Wars

3 years agoOpen For Voting

One year after the Hosnian Cataclysm and the subsequent battles that followed, the First Order’s campaign to conquer the galaxy has stalled, with worlds emboldened by news of Starkiller Base’s destruction and Luke Skywalker’s last stand continuing to fight back with the help of Resistance forces. As Kylo Ren struggles to find a way to break through the stalemate against the Resistance, he receives a strange message that leads him to a distant world known as Exegol.

There, he comes face to face with a man the galaxy long thought to be dead – the infamous Emperor Palpatine himself, reborn through a combination of cloning technology and the Dark Side of the Force. Revealing himself as the true master of the First Order, the Emperor has created the Final Order, a massive fleet of Star Destroyers equipped with super lasers capable of destroying worlds. With the power of the Final Order, the First Order has the means to finally wipe out all that can oppose them and rule the galaxy forever.

(Dark Empire did it better)