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The Emmeria/Estovakia War | Ace Combat

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The Ulysses asteroid impact brought devastation to numerous regions around the world. Much has been discussed about the Usean Continental War that resulted from this catastrophe. But there was another region that suffered massive damage – Anea.

In the aftermath of the Ulysses impact, Estovakia was thrown into a civil war. The rise of the military dictatorship that ended the civil war would set Estovakia on a more belligerent path. On August 30, 2015, the Generals declared war on neighboring Emmeria and sent troops to invade Emmeria’s capital of Gracemeria as the first step in conquering the nation.

Over the next two months, Estovakia would completely subjugate Emmeria, but Emmeria refused to give in. The heroic angels of the Emmerian Air Force would begin a great quest to liberate their homeland…