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The Destroy Gundam Crisis // The Battle of Berlin | Gundam SEED Destiny

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While the Eurasian Federation was part of the Earth Alliance, factions opposed to the Earth Alliance and the war against the PLANTs began to emerge across Europe during the Second Alliance-PLANT War, many of which gained tremendous support from ZAFT. Blue Cosmos leader Lord Djibril assigned a horrific mobile suit known as the Destroy Gundam, created with the sole purpose of inflicting mass destruction, to Phantom Pain and ordered the unit to destroy major cities across Europe as a warning to any nation that would side with ZAFT.

ZAFT attempted to stop the Destroy Gundam’s rampage across Europe several times, suffering massive casualties with each failed attempt. The crisis reached its climax in Berlin as ZAFT was forced to work with the Three Ships Alliance to battle the Destroy Gundam.

By the time the Destroy Gundam was finally stopped, Berlin had been nearly destroyed. The outrage over the massive devastation inflicted by the Destroy Gundam ultimately led the Eurasian Federation to formally withdraw from the Earth Alliance, leaving the Atlantic Federation to fight ZAFT on its own. This was the beginning of a chain of events that would lead to the fall of the Earth Alliance.