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The Break Pillar Incident | Gundam 00

3 years agoOpen For Voting

After the A-Laws used a satellite super weapon known as Memento Mori to wipe out the Kingdom of Suille, one of the few nations that could oppose the Earth Sphere Federation, Katharon launched a desperate attack on the super weapon before it could wipe out the organization. The attack went badly for Katharon and it was only thanks to intervention from Celestial Being that Memento Mori was destroyed.

In the aftermath of the Suille catastrophe and the subsequent coverup, military officers within the Federation, furious over the A-Laws’ continuing atrocities in the name of global unification, staged an uprising against the government, seizing the AEU’s Africa Tower in a bid to expose the A-Laws’ atrocities to the world. A standoff ensued between the ESF Forces and the Coup Faction, as the rogue ESF officers were called, but when the A-Laws got involved, the catastrophic crisis that erupted quickly got out of control.