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The 8th Space War | Gundam X

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War…war never changes…

The 7th Space War ended with dozens of space colonies dropped onto the planet. Billions died in the ensuing catastrophe that brought about the end of the world. However, it was not quite the end of humanity; instead, it was prelude to the next chapter of human history, forged in fire and blood.

Fifteen years after the war, the New United Nations Earth rose from the ashes only to discover that the Space Revolutionary Army still existed in the few remaining colonies under its control. It wasn’t too long before war erupted between the New UNE and the SRA with the former war hero Jamil Neate and his Vulture crew caught in the middle.

The 8th Space War, as this short conflict became known, would ultimately reach its climax at a facility on the Moon called the D.O.M.E., where everyone involved would receive a stunning revelation that would forever change the course of human history.