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Tekkadan | Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

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It all started with a simple job in Post Disaster 323.

Chryse Guard Security was hired to protect and escort a young aristocrat named Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who was traveling to Earth for secret negotiations to secure independence for the Martian city of Chryse. However, the day Kudelia arrived, Gjallarhorn launched a surprise attack against CGS in order to assassinate her, thus removing a key figure in the growing Martian independence movement.

The CGS’s Third Division, comprised of orphans who had been turned into child soldiers, were deployed to battle the Gjallarhorn strike force, only to find themselves suddenly abandoned by their adult superiors who had decided to cut their losses and run with the Third Division being left behind as cannon fodder. It was only thanks to the power of an old and powerful mobile suit known as the Gundam Barbatos that the Third Division was able to drive off Gjallarhorn.

Furious over the adults’ cowardice and betrayal, the Third Division staged a coup against the adults in charge of CGS and seized control of the company, renaming it Tekkadan (Iron Flower Brigade). Tekkadan would soon rise to not only challenge Gjallarhorn’s military supremacy but also to become legends whose exploits would fundamentally change both the Earth and Mars…