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Space Revolutionary Army | Gundam X

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The Space Revolutionary Army was formed by a group of space colonies that sought independence from the United Nations Earth. The 7th Space War that resulted ended with the SRA dropping dozens of space colonies onto the planet, destroying much of the world.

Of course, that wasn’t quite the end of humanity, but rather prelude to the next chapter of human history forged in fire and blood. As the new United Nations Earth carried out its campaign to forcibly reunify the Earth, the new UNE discovered that the SRA still existed. Under the leadership of Seidel Rasso, the SRA had turned the remaining space colonies into their own police state and had been deploying spies to gather intelligence on the current state of the world. With both sides discovering each other’s existence, the SRA and the New UNE began mobilizing for a new catastrophic war.

And war…war never changes…