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Sochie Heim | Turn A Gundam

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The second daughter of the Heim family, Sochie was a headstrong tomboy who found herself continually overshadowed by her older sister Kihel. She had become determined to join the Inglessa militia even before the Moonrace Conflict began and ultimately became one of the first pilots of the newly excavated giant robots used by the Earth militias.

Sochie grew to hate the Moonrace after their initial attacks led to her father’s death and her mother’s subsequent mental breakdown. Things didn’t get better when she found out her longtime friend, Loran, actually came from the moon, causing them to be on bad terms as a result.

In the course of the Moonrace Conflict, Sochie would be continuously tested, forced to suffer extraordinary loss only to become stronger as a result of her trials with her fighting spirit still intact.