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Shinn Asuka | Gundam SEED Destiny

3 years agoOpen For Voting

Shinn Asuka lost his family when the Earth Alliance invaded his home country of Orb during the First Alliance-PLANT War. Developing a hatred for Orb and the ruling Attha family, whom he blamed for his family’s deaths, Shinn moved to the PLANT colonies as a refugee and joined ZAFT near the end of the war.

Shinn was stationed on the ZAFT battleship Minerva when the Armory One incident erupted. Shinn helped pursue the Alliance commandos who raided Armory One only to face a bigger crisis – the Junius colony drop that would spark the Second Alliance-PLANT War.

In the months that followed, Shinn would fight not only the Earth Alliance but also the Three Ships Alliance and the legendary Coordinator Kira Yamato, his skills as a ZAFT ace outmatched by his inner turmoil and fanatical hostility against a world seemingly locked in an eternal cycle of war and hate…