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Sanc Kingdom | Gundam Wing

4 years agoOpen For Voting

For many years, the Sanc Kingdom had been under the reign of the Peacecraft Dynasty. The last reigning monarch, King Marticus, became friends with the colony diplomat, Heero Yuy, and soon embraced Yuy’s calls for global disarmament and peace with the colonies.

After Heero Yuy was assassinated, the United Earth Sphere Alliance invaded and conquered the Sanc Kingdom and Marticus was killed. Years later, during OZ’s global coup against the Alliance, Zechs Merquise, revealed to be Marticus’s long lost son Milliardo, would wipe out the Alliance occupation forces.

With the collapse of the Alliance, the Sanc Kingdom would be reborn under the leadership of Relena Darlian, revealed to be the long lost daughter of its last king…