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RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium | Gundam 0083

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Created as part of the Gundam Development Project, the RX-78GP03 Gundam Dendrobium was a massive mobile armor comprised of two parts – the mobile suit known as Dendrobium Stamen and the armed base known as Orchis. The Dendrobium had been stored at La Vie en Rose, Anaheim Electronics’ mobile docking ship, but after both Gundam Zephyranthes and Physalis were destroyed, the Albion stole the Dendrobium in order to continue their pursuit of the Delaz Fleet.

At the climax of Operation Stardust, Kou Uraki would use the Dendrobium in a desperate attempt to stop the Delaz Fleet…but despite the impressive power of the Gundam, Uraki would ultimately fail.