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Russia – The New Order – Last Days of Europe

4 years agoOpen For Voting

After the defeat of the Soviet Union by the invading German Wehrmacht in the 1940s saw the inevitable collapse of the USSR under the surmounting pressure by lost of the Western territories. Despite an insurgent attempt by the Central Siberian Republic and West Russian Revolutionary Front to reestablish authority and avenge the defeat of the Great Patriotic War in the 1950s, Russia became ever more divided as what once was the Russian nation fell into warlordism with multiple factions warring with the other in vying for power. Just who exactly will unite Russia against her greatest enemy? The Tsar in Vyatka? The WRRF in Arkhangelsk? The Republicans in Tomsk? The Siberian Black Army in Kansk? The Japanese lapdog in Amur? The firebrand Leninist in Buryatia? I say again. Who will unite Russia in her hour of need? In her darkest hour? Only God knows.