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RobCo Industries | Fallout

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Founded on June 25, 2042 by industrialist and inventor Robert House, RobCo quickly soared through the ranks of the world’s most profitable and powerful corporations, rivaling the likes of Poseidon Energy within several years. By 2077, RobCo’s patented software and robotics designs had become a cornerstone of American industry, as exemplified by the widespread use of RobCo’s Unified Operating System in most American computer systems in the years leading up to the Great War.

The company’s aggressive expansion policies coupled with the high quality of their products have given it a practical monopoly in crucial segments of the software market. By 2075, their Unified Operating System, MF Boot Agent, and RETROS BIOS were the de facto industry standard for terminals and mainframes across the 13 Commonwealths.[5] Within a year, their RobcOS became the standard for military-grade security systems as well.[6] Their broad range of robots, including the eyebot, protectron, and sentry bot lines were one of the most common types of robotics before the War, rivaled only by General Atomics International’s own product lines. In certain fields, however, RobCo was unmatched. One of those was Robert Mayflower’s Stealth Boy.

A sinister megacorporation does not inspire confidence or loyalty. To educate the public and make it friendlier to the American consumer, RobCo invested in exhibits and intense public relations campaigns, like the joint RobCo/General Atomics exposition at the Museum of Technology.

RobCo also had the good fortune of forming lasting partnerships with other corporations. In fact, the joint venture with Vault-Tec Industries, in which RobCo’s Pip-Boy 2000 and Pip-Boy 3000 were selected as the personal information processors for Vault dwellers, was widely considered one of the most successful joint ventures in the history of America.
An Also With the help General Atomics Created the liberty prime to help insert dominance at the Battle of Anchorage.