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Relena Darlian | Gundam Wing

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There were two events in AC 195 that would change the life of a young girl named Relena Darlian.

The first was when she met a young boy named Heero Yuy, who was the pilot of the Wing Gundam. She found him washed up on the beach after landing in the ocean. Heero escaped into the night, only to show up as a new transfer student. Relena tried to talk to Heero, but the boy simply stared at her and said, “I will kill you.”

The second was when her father, a high ranking foreign vice minister was killed by OZ operatives. With his dying breath, he revealed to Relena that she was actually the long lost daughter of the long dead king of the Sanc Kingdom, spirited away to safety when she was a baby as the country fell to the Alliance.

Relena would become entangled in the conflicts within the Earth Sphere as she rose to become a leading voice for peace.