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Rau Le Creuset | Gundam SEED

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The right hand man to PLANT Defense Chairman Patrick Zala, ZAFT commander Rau Le Creuset gained prominence in the Battle of Yggdrasil, the first major battle of the First Alliance-PLANT War, when he singled handedly used his mobile suit to destroy 37 Earth Alliance mobile armors and six Alliance warships. Rau quickly became the most feared pilot in the ZAFT forces, his skills and abilities outmatched only by his ruthlessness.

It was Rau who first confirmed the existence of the Earth Alliance’s secret mobile suit program and launched the attack on Heliopolis, where the mobile suits were being manufactured. With four of the mobile suits known as Gundams in ZAFT’s hands, Rau led his team in pursuit of the Archangel and the Strike Gundam.

What people did not know or even suspect was that Rau had plans of his own. As the war between the Alliance and ZAFT raged on, Rau used his position to manipulate both Blue Cosmos and Zala into an escalating war of genocide. As the First Alliance-PLANT War was about to reach its cataclysmic climax, Rau would become not only Kira Yamato’s ultimate enemy, but also the ultimate threat to all mankind…