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Paptimus Scirocco | Zeta Gundam

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As the Gryps conflict raged on, the Titans recruited a Federation officer that had been assigned to the Jupiter Energy Fleet. His name was Paptimus Scirocco. He was a man with powerful Newtype abilities, whose skills as a pilot and engineer were only outmatched by his intellect and charisma.

Scirocco pledged his allegiance to the Titans with a contract signed with his own blood. His rapid ascension through the Titans’ ranks earned him enemies among Titans officers like Bask Om, Jerid Messa and Jamaican Daninghan. The Titans leadership never fully trusted Scirocco, even Jamitov Hymen; the only reason they put up with him was because he was still useful.

Of course, what no one suspected was that Scirocco had plans of his own. As the AEUG continued to battle the Titans, Scirocco and his minions began executing schemes to eliminate all his rivals and seize control of the Titans and then….take over the world!