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OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon | Gundam Wing

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After Treize Khushrenada resigned as OZ commander in chief in protest of the Romefeller Foundation’s increasing support of the mobile doll program, Romefeller placed Treize under house arrest. As OZ was caught in an escalating civil war between the Treize faction and Romefeller loyalists, Treize, long intrigued by the Gundams, spent his time during confinement developing a Gundam of his own. This Gundam, which he called Epyon, was designed as a dueling mobile suit, eschewing long range weapons for chivalrous close quarters combat, and equipped with its own version of the ZERO system, known as the Epyon System.

The Gundam Epyon was given to Heero Yuy before it ended up in the hands of Zechs Merquise, the former Lightning Count who would later join the rising White Fang terrorist army as its new commander in chief. In the ensuing conflict that would become known as the Eve Wars, Zechs would use the Epyon not only against the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, now led by his former friend and superior officer Treize, but also against his eternal rival, Heero Yuy, and the Wing Zero.