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Organization of Free Nations | The New Order: The Last Days of Europe

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Sources: TNO Wiki

The Organization of Free Nations, otherwise known as the OFN, is a faction of democratic countries located in North America and Australasia. The faction is led by the United States of America.
The main objectives of the OFN is to ensure the sovereignty of the Americas and the South Pacific,and to project democratic and Western influence across the Earth.

The Organization of Free Nations often backs separatist groups in both the Einheitspakt and the Co-Prosperity Sphere, in an attempt to diminish Germany’s and Japan’s global power projection.

The OFN trades with the Triumvirate and neutral nations.

The OFN consists of:
Independent nations:

United States of America (leader)
Republic of Australia
New Zealand
Republic of Belize
Client states and military administrations:

Co-operative Republic of Guyana (USA)
West Indies Federation (USA)
Icelandic Occupied Zone (USA)