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Operation Ragnarok: The Fall of Heaven’s Base | Gundam SEED Destiny

3 years agoOpen For Voting

In the aftermath of the Destroy Gundam Crisis, the Eurasian Federation, furious over the massive devastation inflicted across Europe, withdrew from the Earth Alliance, throwing the war effort against the PLANTs into disarray. Shortly afterward, PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal revealed the existence of an organization known as Logos, a secret society of wealthy industrialists, which according to Durandal, had not only funded the Blue Cosmos society, with the infamous Blue Cosmos leader Muruta Azrael and his right hand man/successor Lord Djibril as key members of this organization, but also manipulated world events and engineered wars in the name of profit and economic domination since before the Cosmic Era. Placing sole blame for the Alliance-PLANT Wars on Logos, Durandal vowed to destroy Blue Cosmos and their backers in Logos to bring peace to the Earth Sphere.

Exactly how much of this was true might never be known. In any case, rising anti-Alliance sentiment erupted into full scale violence, and in what would be known as the Logos purges, businessmen, politicians, and generals suspected of being Logos members were killed by angry mobs. Those who managed to escape the initial chaos fled to Heaven’s Base, the Earth Alliance’s headquarters in Iceland.

There could be no doubt the Earth Alliance was on the brink of collapse, and everyone from Lord Djibril to the Alliance leadership knew it. Not long afterward, ZAFT, supported by defected Alliance troops, launched Operation Ragnarok, a massive siege against Heaven’s Base. In what was essentially its last stand, Heaven’s Base deployed a massive force of mobile suits and weapons against ZAFT’s assault.

In the end, Heaven’s Base fell to ZAFT, and Lord Djibril was the only one to escape, having abandoned the others to their fate…