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Operation Phoenix Hunt | Gundam Narrative

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In UC 0096, the Laplace Conflict, the final conflict between the Federation and Zeon, ended with the opening of Laplace’s Box, which turned out to be the container for the original Universal Century charter. Within the original version was a clause that had not been included in subsequent versions of the UC charter: that people from the space colonies must be allowed to participate in the Earth Federation’s government. When Mineva Lao Zabi, last child of the infamous Zabi dynasty, revealed herself and the contents of Laplace’s Box to the world, it was hoped that the wars that had long plagued the Earth Sphere would finally come to an end and a new era of peace and prosperity would begin.

Needless to say, things had not changed. While the Zeon Wars had effectively come to an end, the problems that led to the conflicts between Earth and the colonies still remained. Despite public knowledge of the lost clause, the Earth Federation, consumed by fear of another rogue colony nation like Zeon, still remained in control of the colonies.

A year after the Laplace Conflict, an experimental Gundam known as the Phenex, thought to have been lost during a test flight gone wrong, suddenly reappeared. In response, the Federation launched Operation Phoenix Hunt to capture the Phenex before the Republic of Zeon could reach it…