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Operation Peacemaker: The Battle of Jachin Due | Gundam SEED

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On September 23, CE 71, the Earth Alliance, under the personal direction of Blue Cosmos leader Muruta Azrael, launched Operation Peacemaker, a final offensive to destroy the PLANT colonies using nuclear missiles modified with N-Jammer Canceller technology. As their opening strike, Alliance forces nuked the asteroid fortress Boaz before heading to its next target, the asteroid fortress known as Jachin Due. However, Azrael was about to get a nasty surprise.

As the Earth Alliance approached the PLANTs, ZAFT unleashed a horrific super weapon known as GENESIS, a powerful gamma ray cannon installed into Jachin Due by order of Chairman Patrick Zala with the sole purpose of wiping out the Earth Alliance. Horrified upon seeing the destructive power of the GENESIS cannon to the point of insanity, Azrael ordered every ship in his fleet to launch all nukes in the hopes of wiping out as many Coordinators as they could, even as Zala, in his own madness, ordered ZAFT to not only use the GENESIS to wipe out the Alliance fleet and its reinforcements but also to fire the weapon against the planet itself, wiping out billions and destroying the world as an act of revenge against the Naturals for their atrocities.

As the situation spiraled out of control, a third faction opposed to the escalating war known as the Three Ships Alliance emerged to stop both sides from annihilating each other’s civilian populations. The resulting three way fight would come to define the final battle of the First Alliance-PLANT War.

And at the center of it all would be two figures locked in mortal combat over the fate of humanity – Kira Yamato, the young Coordinator fighting to bring peace between Naturals and Coordinators, and Rau Le Creuset, the madman who wanted nothing less than to see mankind destroyed and had manipulated both sides into a path that could only end with mutually assured destruction.