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Operation Fury: The Siege of Orb | Gundam SEED Destiny

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“Orb cannot be burned again.”

That was what Unato Ema Seiran, prime minister of Orb, and Yuna Roma Seiran, Unato’s son, said when Orb agreed to join the Earth Alliance at the beginning of the Second Alliance-PLANT War. The ruling council was desperate to avoid the events of the first war, when neutral Orb was overrun and occupied by the Alliance. At the Seirans’ urging, Orb chose to throw away their policy of neutrality and essentially make a deal with the devil.

So you can imagine how not happy the Seirans were when the Blue Cosmos leader Lord Djibril, after escaping the fall of Heaven’s Base, arrived in Orb. The Seirans realized that Djibril was putting Orb at risk just by staying here, and as it later turned out, the Seirans were members of the Logos society, along with several prominent Orb councilors who had supported its decision to join the Alliance.

Still, the Seirans agreed to give Djibril shelter until he could get in contact with remaining Blue Cosmos and Logos members who had fled into space. However, ZAFT arrived in Orb and demanded Djibril’s immediate surrender. Yuna responded with an obvious lie: Djibril was not in Orb and ZAFT’s presence was an insult to Orb sovereignty. Enraged, ZAFT launched Operation Fury, a full scale invasion against the Orb Union.

And so, Orb was burned once again, caught in the crossfire as the Three Ships Alliance and Orb military forces battled ZAFT across the country.