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Operation Final War | Godzilla: Final Wars

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The aliens known as the Xiliens came in peace, offering to help mankind. While the United Nations were willing to embrace the Xiliens, certain members of the UN’s Earth Defense Force did not fully trust them. When these members discovered evidence that the Xiliens had replaced several world leaders with clones as part of a long running conspiracy to take over the Earth, they confronted the Xiliens with evidence of their plot. Before the leader of the Xiliens could defend their actions, his second in command assassinated his superior in a coup d’etat and declared war on humankind, unleashing giant monsters under their control against every major city across the planet.

As Earth was overrun by the Xiliens and their army of giant monsters, surviving EDF personnel rallied under Capt. Douglas Gordon of the UN battleship Gotengo, who launched Operation Final War, a last ditch attempt to defeat the Xiliens. At the center of the operation was Gordon’s old enemy, the legendary monster known as Godzilla.