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Operation Daybreak: The Fall of the United Earth Sphere Alliance | Gundam Wing

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On May 19, AC 195, the military and political leadership of the United Earth Sphere Alliance attended a summit at New Edwards Air Force Base to discuss global disarmament and the start of negotiations with the colonies for peace. In the midst of the summit, the Gundams launched a surprise attack on the facility. In the ensuing chaos, the Alliance leaders were killed when the plane they boarded was destroyed by Wing Gundam.

The Gundam pilots had believed that the OZ leadership had gathered in one place and sought to use the opportunity to end OZ in a single decapitation strike, only to react in absolute horror when they realized their mistake. As it turned out, the OZ commander in chief, Treize Khushrenada had sent phony rumors about a supposed OZ meeting in order to trick the Gundams into wiping out the Alliance leadership.

This was actually the first step in a global coup known as Operation Daybreak. Across the world, OZ sleeper agents within the Special MS unit began attacking Alliance bases. Thrown into disarray as a result of the catastrophe, the United Earth Sphere Alliance would soon collapse.