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Neo Roanoke | Gundam SEED//Gundam SEED Destiny

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The masked captain of the Earth Alliance commando unit known as Phantom Pain, the man known as Neo Roanoke served as right hand man to Lord Djibril, Muruta Azrael’s successor as chairman of Blue Cosmos. Neo led Phantom Pain in the Armory One raid and the subsequent battle against the ZAFT battleship Minerva, even as Junius 7 made its descent onto the surface of the earth.

Over the course of the Second Alliance-PLANT War, Neo Roanoke would lead the Phantom Pain unit against ZAFT, battling the ZAFT pilots Shinn Asuka and Rey Za Burrel as well as the legendary Kira Yamato of the Three Ships Alliance. It wasn’t until later that the Three Ships Alliance discovered the man who called himself Roanoke turned out to be a man who was thought to have been killed in the final battle of the First Alliance-PLANT War. The man’s actual identity was Mu La Flaga, an Earth Alliance ace and member of the Three Ships Alliance.