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Mr. Toad | The Wind in the Willows (1983)

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The latest in a long line, Mr Toad is a vain, conceited and foolish country squire who lives at his ancestral home of Toad Hall.

(Wind in the Willows film, 1983)
Notorious for going through “Crazes” such as boating and caravanning but the worst was motoring. A haplessly bad, careless and reckless driver he totalled a total of 7 cars before his friends staged an intervention, locking him in his room. But feigning illness, Toad escaped and stole a car. After escaping from prison he, with his friends, reclaimed his home from the Weasels at the battle of Toad Hall.

(Wind in the Willows tv series and Oh Mr Toad! 1984-1987)
Toad would become obsessed with “crazes” usually hobbies, games and careers. He would romanticise them and think how they could bring him glory until he was obsessed. He would spend a fortune on equipment but never read the instructions, somehow thinking he was a natural at something he’d never done.
These included newspaper publisher, photographer, motorcyclist, tournament knight, firework maker, thespian, winemaker, archaeologist, astronomer, zingari, time traveller and multiple sports. All ended in disaster with the possible exception of film maker.

(The film maker was the last episode, the speech at the end has a special significance)