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Meredith Rodney McKay | Stargate Universe

3 years agoOpen For Voting

SG1: antagonist to SG1 team, academically intelligent but negative personality traits
slowly becomes helpful on projects, Carter uncomfortable working with him
SGA: joins atlantis expedition
-Reassures Wier on Sheppard’s rescue mission
-buys time leading the Genai astray allowing Shepard to retake Atlantis
-develops an entertaining and good relationship with Dr Zelinka and Dr Beckett
-Becomes a vital member of Shepard’s Stargate reconaissance team
-bonds with offworld kids despite saying how annoying he finds them
-many times when put in a dire situation never gives up if lives are on the line
-Allergic to citrus
-able to work alongside Daniel Jackson
-in an alternate universe Rodney works tirelessly to help Carter get ‘The Hammond’ ship ready for combat
-Ronan goes to great lengths to save him from a disease with symptoms of dementia
-there’s a lot more awesome things he rises up to do, this list is just off the top of my head