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Mega Man | Mega Man

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It all started when Dr. Thomas Light created the Robot Masters, a series of advanced androids built for industrial purposes. However, his colleague, Dr. Albert Wily, driven by a combination of jealousy and a desire for power, stole the Robot Masters and turned them into his own personal minions that would help him, you guessed it, take over the world! (Of course!)

With military and law enforcement forces around the world overwhelmed by the power of the Robot Masters, Rock, a boy robot created by Dr. Light as an assistant, convinced Dr. Light to turn him into a combat robot that would stop Wily’s campaign for world domination.

And so, Rock became Mega Man, the super fighting robot in blue armor with the ability to download the abilities of other Robot Masters into his data. In the years that would follow, Mega Man would battle Dr. Wily’s schemes for world domination, as well as other threats to humanity, all in the name of everlasting peace.