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Matias Torres | Ace Combat

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A decorated member of the Erusean Navy, Captain Matias Torres was active for many for many of Erusea’s wars. His aiming skills were remarkable, once hitting an enemy ship 30 km away in the middle of a storm. During the Continental War, he found himself as the captain of the battle ship Tanager, of the Aegir Fleet. During his service on the Tanager, the ISAF Air Force commenced an operation to sink Torres’ ship and fleet. With the help of Mobius 1, a legendary ISAF Ace, the operation to sink the fleet succeeded. While his ship was sinking, Torres rescued as many sailors as he could off the ship, earning himself the title of “Hero of Comberth Harbor” among Erusean Forces. Erusea’s next war, the Lighthouse War, had Torres Captain the submersible aviation cruiser Alicorn. Originally the Alicorn was not part of Erusea’s Doctrine for the war, however, after Osea’s LRSSG decimated Erusea’s Njord Fleet, the Alicorn was officially commissioned into the Erusean Navy in a desperate attempt to plug its decifit in naval power. Torres and the rest of the Alicorn’s crew ended up mutinying. After an accident had previously forced them to survive 698 days at the bottom of the ocean, the Alicorn’s captain and crew were barely sane, hatching a plan to nuke Osea’s capital, claiming the 1 million lives lost from it would terrify the world into giving up their weapons, preventing wars that would have taken the lives of 10 million. Torres himself, may have not believed in this cause himself, with speculation that it was just a front for him to kill people.