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Lord Drakkon – Power Rangers

4 years agoOpen For Voting

All it takes is a simple choice between what can be and what should never be.

In a parallel universe, Tommy Oliver did not join the Power Rangers. Instead, he went straight back to Rita Repulsa. No one knew what drove him to join Rita willingly. Perhaps he was displeased with the status quo, how little guys like him seem to get the short straw and he felt his new powers would give him a chance to get back at the world for screwing him over. Or maybe he got a taste of real power, but it was never going to be enough…

The Green Ranger would soon help Rita conquer the world, wiping out all who could oppose her. In a last ditch attempt to beat back her forces, Zordon attempted to infuse Jason with the power of the White Light, but the Green Ranger slew Jason and stole the White Light for himself, becoming the villain known as Drakkon.

Thanks to Drakkon, evil actually won, but for Drakkon, it was never going to be enough. As Rita was celebrating, Drakkon double crossed Rita and killed her in a coup d’etat, before declaring himself the new ruler of the world. Her goons, horrified at this turn of events, had no choice but to obey.

Drakkon now ruled the world, but it was never going to be enough. Drakkon would soon set his sights on other realities, only to face the one foe he didn’t exactly expect to meet – Tommy Oliver, the one who chose to be a hero…