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Loran Cehack | Turn A Gundam

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Loran Cehack was taken in by the Heim family after being saved from drowning by Kihel and Sochie Heim. He soon became a limousine driver for the Heims, quickly discovering his skills as a mechanic. On the day Loran was to participate in a coming of age ceremony at a massive statue known as the White Doll, the Moonrace came and began attacking the area.

In the ensuing chaos, the White Doll shattered, revealing what turned out to be a powerful giant robot. Loran found himself using the mysterious giant robot, later identified as an ancient weapon known as the Turn A Gundam, to repel the invaders.

It wasn’t until later that Loran revealed that he actually came from the Moon, one of three young people sent by the Moonrace as advance scouts for the Moon. As the Moonrace Conflict raged on, Loran would use the Turn A to support the Earth Militia forces, even as he found himself torn between his Earthrace friends and his own loyalty to the Moonrace.