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Kylo Ren | Star Wars

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The leader of the Knights of Ren, the masked figure known as Kylo Ren was a high ranking commander in the First Order and the right hand man to Supreme Leader Snoke, obsessed with the legacy of the infamous Darth Vader and driven to wipe out the last traces of the Jedi and conquer the galaxy. In another lifetime, however, Ren went by a different name: Ben Solo.

The son of the legendary war heroes Han Solo and Leia Organa, Ben was a student at the equally legendary Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. No one knew what exactly happened at the Jedi Academy, but what was known was that the Jedi Academy was destroyed and the students were killed. Ben ended up joining the Knights of Ren before ultimately killing its leader and seizing control of the group.

Determined to sever all ties to his past, Kylo, as Ben now called himself, would go on to kill his own father when Han attempted to convince him to return to the light. He would later turn on Snoke and assassinated him, seizing control of the First Order and declaring himself the new Supreme Leader. However, for all his power, Kylo was unable to escape the constant conflict between light and dark within his soul, nor could he imagine his fate would be increasingly intertwined with the Resistance’s champion, the girl known as Rey…