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Kingdom of Malaria | Igor

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Though it existed in modern times, the Kingdom of Malaria was still a monarchy, ruled by a king who’s word was law.

For much of it’s history, Malaria was an agrarian economy. Making use of year long pleasant weather to grow crops for export. It had little presence on the wold stage, the nobody of the global community.

All that began to change when Malaria met with a massive meteorological metamorphosis.
Storm clouds built up over the entire country and never parted.
Growing crops became impossible and the Malaria was threatened with ruin and starvation.

Until King Malbert came up with a new source of revenue, evil inventions.

All year long evil scientists would labour in their castles to create mechanical monsters and mutated monstrosities. These are then brought to the Kill-osseum for the annual Evil Science fair. Where, on a live world-wide broadcast, the evil inventions battle until one is left standing, proving itself to be the most evil of all. The world is then told that if they don’t pay a massive ransom, it would be unleashed on them.

Malaria became rich, powerful and feared. Evil itself was embraced by the public, seen as the path to power and success. Evil scientists became celebrities and the Evil Science Fair the highlight of the year. Malbert constructed a beacon atop the royal castle to Malaria’s sucsess and the power of evil.

Malaria also had a number of people with hunched backs, referred to as igors. The were forced to work for evil scientists, treated like slaves or vermin and could be “recycled” for the slightest disobedience.

Until an igor, named Igor, discovered that the Royal Beacon was a weather-ray, creating the storm clouds, that the King had done this to convince the people to support evil inventions.

He revealed this to the public, imploring them to abandon evil. And after the accidental death of King Malbert, Malaria was transformed again, to a republic with Igor as it’s first president.